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Heart of 

A Warrior

The athletic department seeks to use the area of physical training and competition to teach every athlete the disciplines needed to build excellence in Christian character, education, and leadership.  

I Timothy 4:8

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  • Develop Christ-likeness in character

  • Develop God-given talents

  • Prepare students for positions of leadership

  • Provide opportunities for healthy competition

  • Emphasize Godly characteristics

  • Self-discipline through athletic and academic excellence

  • Witness for Christ

  • Build a sense of self-worth in each athlete

  • Develop a sense of integrity and fair play

  • Develop submission to and respect for authority

  • Emphasize the importance of academic excellence

  • Develop respect for teammates and opposing team members

  • Develop a sense of respect for one’s own body

  • Teach responsibility for uniforms and equipment

Cross Country

Boys and girls cross country teams include 5-8 grade for middle school and 9-12 Varsity Team for high school. 


Basketball is SCA's boys and girls winter sport 6-8 grade middle school JV teams and the 9-12 grade Varsity Basketball Teams.


Cheerleading will carry the spirit of SCA!  6-12 grade girls will join together to cheer for our Basketball team!


Co-ed Golf will kick off in the spring of with opportunities for students 4-12 Grade.

Warrior Sports


Our Beliefs

An athletic program in a Christian school exists to guide the young people involved in a better understanding of their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Many circumstances arise in preparation for, and during, athletic competition that offer opportunities for God’s principles to be applied in the lives of the athletes. The goal of the Christian school athletic program is to seize these opportunities. Dedicated coaches help young people relate the victories and defeats, the hard work, and the teamwork to their daily walk with the Lord.


Today’s society places great emphasis on sports and athletics. The world has made heroes of professional athletes and holds them in high esteem. Jesus said to Christians, “Ye are the light of the world.” The world needs light today. If Christians do not exhibit righteousness, obedience to authority, self-control, and other Godly characteristics, the world will remain in darkness. I John 2:15-16 states, “Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world … for all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.” The Christian school should take every opportunity to teach the principles of Christ and to prepare our young people for positions of leadership.


Our emphasis, therefore, should be to prepare our athletes to be the lights in the world, and to encourage them not to be… “conformed to this world …”, and to help them to be ” … transformed by the renewing of (their) minds.” The goal of the world is to “win” at any cost. The goal of the Christian should be to “serve” at any cost. Whatever he does or wherever he serves he should “work at it with all his heart.” (Col. 3:23-24). Therefore, it is not the “winning”, but the “serving” and working in the context of excellence which is the goal of the athletic program at SCA.


“Winning as a goal is a disease and leads to compromise in every other area.” -Mike Krzyzewski


“To be excellent is to be authentic and transparent since true excellence lies in the treasure we contain, not the talents we display. An obsessive, compulsive striving after self-fulfillment or human acclaim cannot produce excellence. Only a passionate longing to glorify God and to realize his goals is consistent with the biblical concept of excellence.” -Robert Foster

Educating for Eternity

Southeastern Christian Academy is dedicated to educating and discipling the rising generation.  

From kindergarten to high school, SCA students share a solid academic foundation based upon unchanging principles that reinforce Christian character and patriotism.

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