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A History of Excellence

Since 2002, SCA has earned distinction for providing the very best in Christian education. Because our traditional approach to teaching and learning produces superior results, parents are amazed each year at how much their children can accomplish.

For a detailed outline of our operations, click "Resources" in the above menu to view our Student Handbooks. 


Our Foundations

Tuition Rates


Our Staff

From kindergarten to high school, SCA students share a solid academic foundation based upon unchanging principles that reinforce Christian character and patriotism.

SCA tuition rates are among the lowest anywhere. Contact us for a description of costs, and ask about our multiple student discount. 

SCA’s clean, safe, air-conditioned facilities are some of the finest in Shallotte. Computer and science labs and music suite further enhance the learning experience for our students. Come by or call for details about touring our bright, cheerful facilities.

Caring, Christian faculty where students benefit from the personal attention of our faculty, who are professional, dedicated, and committed to each child’s success. Class sizes are small enough for each student to receive individual attention. Say hello!

Academic Excellence

Academic quality will not be sacrificed in exchange for a Christian education. We are committed to offering a challenging academic program that helps students reach their full potential and prepares them to excel in high school, college, and beyond.



Scripture is the revealed word of God. It is taught as truth, integrated into the learning experience, and applied to decision-making at every level of the school.



Our institution regards the gospel of Jesus Christ as integral to our outlook on life, and gospel-centered spiritual transformation as an essential aspect of learning.


The school’s management of finances and other resources reflects an understanding that we are caretakers on behalf of God and those who support the school’s mission.

A Few of Our Core Values

SCA Staff

2022-2023 Faculty & Staff


Kim Lancaster


Jordan Lancaster

Executive Pastor

Jordan Walker

Executive Director

Hannah Ganey

Lower School Office Manager

Kia Lewis
Upper School Office Manager

C.J. Walker

Extended Care Director

Ryan McCoy

Campus Pastor

Mike Absher

Athletic Director

Jennifer Coleman

Events Coordinator


Hannah Hamilton

Preschool Principal

Madison Ward

Preschool Teacher

Miranda Perrone

Preschool Teacher

Addyson Holley

Preschool Teacher


Jenni Smith

Elementary (K-3) Principal

Heather Whitley

Kindergarten Teacher

Makenzie Miller
Kindergarten Teacher

Karen Parker

Kindergarten Teacher

Susan Gross

1st Grade Teacher

Jessica Austin

1st Grade Teacher

Judy Turner
1st Grade Teacher

Joy Morgan

2nd Grade Teacher

Amanda Nez
2nd Grade Teacher

Amy Phelps

3rd Grade Teacher

Sarah Holbrooks

3rd Grade Teacher

Upper Elementary & Middle School

Chelsea Lancaster, MS

Upper Elementary & Middle School Principal

Armel Tete

Math, Science, & History
Upper Elementary

Candace Cates

English & Language Arts
Upper Elementary

Jefri Merritt

Science & History
Middle School

Jena Bailey

English & Language Arts
Middle School

Sharon Michael

Middle School

High School

Christian Williams, MA

High School Principal

Melodie Bryant, ME.D

History Department

Mike Absher

Athletic Director

High School PE Teacher

Rachel Walker

Humanities Chair
English Department

Ashley Wood, DC

Math Department

Ashley McCoy

Math/Science Chair
Science Department

Matthew Carter

English Department
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