Thrive Summer Camp

Join us for a fun-packed summer filled with games, field trips, arts & crafts, weekly waterpark adventures, and more! We have 10 weeks of themed adventures. Tuition covers all field trips, snacks, and lunch for on-campus days. (Parents will provide bag lunches on field trip days). There is a one-time registration fee of $50. Each week costs $175 per child.

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Two Step Process

1. Register for Thrive Summer Camp.

(This is a one time process and fee.)

2. Choose which weeks to attend!

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How much does it cost to attend camp? 

What ages attend camp?

What will my child be doing?

How does the season pass work?

Do I have to buy an extra copy of the season pass?

Do I have to pay the registration fee if I already have a season pass?

When do I need to have my child wear their camp t-shirt?

Do I have to attend all 10 weeks?

Is there a multiple child discount?

Is there a discount for registering for multiple weeks?

When is too late to register for a week of summer camp?

What will my child be eating?

Am I allowed to join on the field trips?

Can I pick up my child early?

It costs $175 per week to attend Thrive Summer Camp. There is also a one-time registration fee that covers your child’s camp t-shirt and Myrtle Waves Season Pass.

Thrive Summer Camp is open to all rising 1st-6th graders. If a student attends Southeastern Christian Academy, the ages are extended to rising 1st-8th graders.

Summer Camp is a week packed full of games, crafts, field trips, snacks, and fun. On top of all of the fun, we will be having both large and small group sessions where we teach them about God concerning a specific topic based on our week's theme. Also, we do at least one very fun STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) activity designed to make them think and work together as a group.

Every camper who has paid their one-time registration fee has a season pass reserved for them. The pass will remain inactive and under the supervision of Thrive Summer Camp until the child attends Myrtle Waves with the camp. When the child arrives at the water park with Summer Camp staff, Myrtle waves will activate the pass by taking the child’s picture. At the end of that trip, Summer Camp will keep the child’s card so that they can get into the park on those field trip days. 

No. Myrtle Waves does not mandate that park attendees present their cards. If you do not have a card, you simply have to go into the customer service building, tell the attendant your child’s name, and they will be admitted into the park. The extra copy of the card is only there for convenience to keep you from having to go inside. Thrive Summer Camp will keep all of the campers cards together and they will be distributed following the last week of camp. If you know it is your child’s last week of attendance, let a summer camp staff member know and you can then take your season pass card.

Yes. While your child may already have a pass in their name, as part of the deal we have made with Myrtle Waves, all students must have a pass made with Summer Camp present. 

Students wear their camp t-shirt on field trip days. We do this to help us maintain safety when we are off-campus. To ensure that all students are dressed appropriately, Thrive Summer Camp will keep all camp shirts and wash them. On your child’s last week of camp, let the summer camp staff know and you can take the t-shirt home with you.

No. Summer Camp is on a week-to-week basis. 

There is not a multiple child discount at this time. 

There is not a multiple week discount at this time. 

You may register for a week of summer camp all the way through the Monday of the week you wish to register for. However, any registration taking place after the close of camp on the Friday before will incur a $10.00 late registration fee.

On days that we remain on-campus lunch will be provided. There will always be a menu provided beforehand so that if the meals prepared are unwanted, students can bring lunch. Usually, one of the days is a standard sandwich, chip, fruit, cookie, while the other meal is a hot prepared meal such as, but not limited to spaghetti, tacos, hot dogs, etc. Fridays we order pizza!

Parents are always welcomed to join us on any field trip. Parents are not permitted to ride the school bus and are expected to follow the bus. Entry to parks, amusements, activities, as well as gas will not be reimbursed and are at the parents' expense. 

Yes. A detailed schedule will be given out and any pick up is allowed anytime that we are at camp, providing that the person picking up is on the authorized pick-up list. If you need to pick up a child while we are off-campus, the legal guardian must be present or have already provided info on the pick-up.